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 Structural Packaging Prototypes 

We understand the importance of effective packaging.

Beyond the structural requirements, packaging needs to communicate.

We bring concepts to life by replicating production and print methods. 

From the volumetric analysis of bottle designs to complete structural packaging


- Hollow bottles/receptacles

- Printed cardboard

- Solid acrylic

- Pulp packaging prototypes

Packaging For the Future...

With increasing pressures on brands to deploy packaging that is aligned to consumer expectations and demands, it is critical that we set out to 

strike a balance between aesthetics and sustainable solutions.

SOWOW are committed to providing prototyping techniques that simulate viable marketplace solutions. We are continuously exploring methods and processes so that we may provide our clients with real-world decision making artefacts.

How We Do It: Bottles

Hollow Casting

A machined or 3D Printed master is used to create a mould. The desired material (colour, shore) is then poured. A great way to simulate wall thicknesses and visible internal detail. 

Solid Acrylic

A cad model is generated which is then translated into a tool path. The program is then loaded onto a CNC milling machine and voila! The part is then finished in the desired colour/effect, and graphics are applied. An ideal cost effective solution with quick turnaround.

Machined/3D Print

This process is ideal for when the end piece will be painted. Perhaps the most cost effective option.

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