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We bring ideas to life 


From early stage CAD development to functional 3D prototypes, we can support you along the iterative process of prototype development. 


We have over 40 years of experience in making prototypes for some of the worlds most prestigious and recognisable brands.

We are well versed in traditional model making methods and utilise state-of-the-art technology as part of our rapid prototyping service. In addition to our fully equipped studio workshop, we work with industry experts to broaden our in-house services.

From simple block models to complex assemblies, we are here to help.

 Rapid Prototyping 

The Idea


You've done the hard bit, you've had an original idea. Well done, make yourself a cup of tea.

The Brief


This will often involve a meeting, email exchanges and several telephone calls. Any shareable material such as technical drawings or scribbled on napkins are useful at this point.

The Sign-off


This is our opportunity to demonstrate that we have understood the brief.

We will provide a pre-production specification, which may include drawings and master components.

The Making


Spool up the milling machine and sharpen your chisel, its time to make something!

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